Grady Electric Membership Corporation





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Methods for Paying Your Grady EMC Electric Bill



1. Paying online via the internet at Grady EMC's website

         This allows you to use your credit or debit card for the transaction. There are prompts to "walk" you through

         the process. Payment to Grady EMC is immediate upon you receiving verification from your credit/debit card

         company. Your bank statement will show SEDC (Southeastern Data Cooperative) as the Payee, not Grady EMC.

         SEDC is the administrator of our billing system. This is an easy, fast method of payment.


2. Automatic Bank Drafts, Credit or Debit Card Drafts

         Having your bill paid automatically by "drafting" your bank account, credit card or debit card monthly

         eliminates penalties, late-fees, cut-offs, etc. You will still receive a bill each month but it will indicate payment

         by automatic draft.


3. Online bill payment processing through a third party.

         Information to pay the bill is sent electronically by you to your bank requesting they pay your Grady EMC bill.

        YOUR BANK IMMEDIATELY DEBITS YOUR ACCOUNT, and electronically transfers that information to a third

        party payment processor. The third party then writes a check to Grady EMC for the amount of your bill and

        MAILS it through the postal service to Grady EMC. AS SOON AS THE CHECK IS RECEIVED BY GRADY EMC,



        Please Note: Grady EMC has no control over the time involved from your bank account being debited until your

        account with Grady EMC is credited. A number of days can pass between the third party processor and Grady

        EMC receiving payment through the postal service.


4. Paying in person

          You are always welcome to come by the Cairo office located on Highway 84 West. Customer service will be

          happy to help you.



New (Will be available in late September):

1. Paying your bill by using Grady EMC's automated telephone system

         Allows easy access to your account information 24 hours a day. Your bill can be paid by utilizing your credit or

         debit card. You will need your account number when you call.

         To use, simply call our office at 229.377.4182 or 800.942.4362 and follow the prompts as directed to complete

         the payment process.