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Online Billing Help


Online billing supports Internet Explorer 4.0 and higher, Netscape 4.01 and higher or Firefox browsers



Drop the last three numbers of your account number when logging in. For example, if your account number is 1234001, type 1234.



Use the password shown on your electric bill to log on for the first time. You will be prompted to change it to your own password.



Choose a password that is not obvious. A combination of letters and numbers is best.



If you want to print a copy of the bill, click on the "Print Preview" button below the bill. If you pay by credit card, be patient and give the system time to verify it. CAUTION: If you click the "Submit Payment" button more than once before the system is finished, your credit card will be charged as many times as you click the button.



After you pay, either print out the acknowledgement screen or write down the transaction number.



When you pay online, you will still receive a bill in the mail. Depending on the time of your billing cycle when you pay online, your monthly bill may still show a balance due.


bullet We accept Visa and MasterCard only. Credit Card transactions are limited to $1,500.00 once per month per member.

If your credit card payment is rejected, you will see an error screen. No payment will be posted to either your credit card or electric account.


Grady EMC Bill Payment Options


Information about SEDC


When you pay your electric bill online, you will notice the online billing page looks different from the rest of the Grady EMC website.


This is because you have been redirected to Southeastern Data Cooperative's (SEDC) online billing website. They manage the billing and payment system for Grady EMC. Be assured that this is a secure site for processing your transaction.


Note: Your monthly credit card or bank statement will list SEDC as the payee instead of Grady EMC.





Southeastern Data Cooperative is a member owned data processing cooperative that has been providing end-to-end Consumer Billing (CIS) and Accounting solutions to electric distribution cooperatives and municipal utility providers since 1971. Currently SEDC serves over 170 utility providers in 28 states.


For more information: Southeastern Data Cooperative